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To Nurture Is Our Nature

What is nurturing? Is it maintaining a strict diet or exercise regime in the belief that this is what we need to do for our health and wellbeing? Or is it real life, getting out into nature, eating what we instinctively feel is best for us, learning to listen to our own intuition. To nurture is our nature - we need to be nurtured and we need to nurture. It’s a dance that is crucial to thriving health, happiness and a long and fulfilled life.

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The Five Elements ~ What Type Are You?

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the Five Elements – or the five pillars of Creation – are the building blocks of the universe. In order, the elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The five elements are considered to be phases of a cycle of change. Each person’s physical and mental constitution can be described as a balance of the elements in which one or more may naturally dominate.

Find out which element you are and how to best keep yourself in balance.

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