Natural Treatment for Menopause

At Yin Studio, I know that many women experience almost no negative side effects when going through menopause, however many others suffer with night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, loss of libido, insomnia; the list goes on and on. 

Our menopause therapy is customised to the needs of each patient, helping you feel your best and take back your life.

Women experience menopause differently across the board. Between ages 40 and 60 the hormones oestrogen and progesterone decline, which can result in symptoms that may range in severity from minor to life-changing. From anxiety and bloating to memory issues, weight gain, joint pain and irritability, the symptoms can disrupt your life. While many doctors who practice modern Western medicine prescribe hormone therapy or other medication, our menopause treatment may include acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition that address these issues in a healthier, more natural way.

We Have a Unique Approach to Women’s Health

Acupuncture is highly effective in treating menopause and works to reduce stress while enhancing blood flow, promoting healing of the body’s tissues, restoring cells and balancing energy in the body. Many women are not aware of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself using food, herbs and natural things from the earth along with meditation and other therapies that promote wellness throughout the entire body. In traditional Chinese medicine the body is viewed as a whole instead of various systems and organs. By achieving total physical and emotional well-being, many of the symptoms of menopause are eliminated.

When you experience severe hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings or other symptoms of menopause most doctors treat the symptoms instead of the cause. Our natural approach is effective for helping balance hormones through holistic methods, lifestyle changes, improved nutrition, meditation, visualisation and more.

Hormone therapy used in menopause treatment can be dangerous, and may lead to other serious health problems. The good news is that relief is possible, without potentially dangerous drugs.

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