Our Philosophy

I absolutely believe in the power of this ancient medicine.

I believe pain and disease are not inconveniences but communication between your body and your brain. They are the body’s way of signalling for help. Pills and injections often just silence that call, a bit like putting tape over the fuel gauge in your car.

I believe that 100% adherence to every “You should…” health mandate is impossible and unhealthy and makes for a very boring life. Health and medicine should be about electrifying the pursuit of living, not dampening it.

I believe you should forgive yourself. We are all meeting each other at the level of our own inadequacies, living too fast and carrying too much. Lighten your insane expectations and offer yourself, at the very least, the same generosity and compassion you would offer a stranger and, at the very most, the same kindness and forgiveness you would offer the people you love best. You deserve that as much as anyone else.

I treat everything, but areas I treat most include emotional disorders, pain, stress-related conditions, women’s health, sports injury, and contemporary existential crises.

What is Behind the Name?

Yin Studio takes its name from the female concept of yin energy.  Yin and Yang are the cornerstones of traditional Chinese Medicine.  Yin symbolises sensitivity, acceptance, nurturing, slowness, intuition, relaxation, quietness and stillness. It is all about nourishment at every level - physical, mental and spiritual.  Yang symbolises light, activity, heat, rational and logical thinking, forthrightness, mental stimulation.  Ideally we want a balance of each of these as they support each other creating harmony of mind, body and spirit.