Where do you turn for Health and Wellness Advice?

Social media can be an incredible hub of inspiration, but it can also be a real minefield when it comes to health and lifestyle recommendations and knowing who to trust. So what do we need to do when navigating the world of online wellness and social media gurus?


Any time you see a post on social media promoting a product of brand, check the hashtags used. If ones like #sponsored, #ad or #collab are included, the person posting has been paid to do the promotion. That doesn’t necessarily mean their intentions aren’t genuine or the product isn’t good, but it’s something to keep in mind.


It’s easy to assume that a high number of followers means a person or page is a legitimate source of information, but popularity doesn’t always equal expertise. Just as you wouldn’t ask a doctor to check your car engine, a famous celebrity, model or influencer probably isn’t the right person to rely on for health advice.


Having said that, a lot of highly qualified health professionals have a strong social media presence. Most of them will have their credentials displayed on their page, or their background will be easy to check via a quick Google search.


If you have seen something online you want to try, whether it’s product or a technique, it doesn’t hurt to run it by a health professional. They’ll take your goals into consideration to steer you in the right direction.