Why I Hate Anti-Ageing

Anti-aging clinics are popping up all over the place here in Brisbane.   Anti-aging is big business, meaning there are lots of products and services and businesses are happy to take your money to help you turn back (or hold off) the hands of time.

The thing is, ageing is something every one of us has in common.  We all age.  Every day, whether you like it or not, you are one day older.  Babies age, teens age, we all age. You really cannot stop ageing, it's universal.

Often, I will hear people complain about their age (and I know that I have also been guilty of this at times).  Does that mean you would rather not age?  Because to truly stop ageing, you have to die!!

Anti-ageing implies that there is something wrong with ageing and that we have to try to stop it.

I would like to suggest that rather than thinking so negatively about ageing, we could think more in the terms of progressing through life, and rather than complaining and focusing on the negative, let's focus on ageing with Vitality.

Vitality – What does it mean to live with vitality?  It means having energy, enough to ride the ebbs and flows of life.  It does not mean that you are bubbly and smiley every day, but that you have the energy, the life force to complete all the activities you want and need to do.  It means that you continue to grow: personally, professionally, whatever it is you need in your life.  You don’t give up, give in or stop living, you take every day and live it to the fullest, whatever that means to you.  Helpful practices include maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular and enough sleep, a balanced diet, regular physical activity, a healthy sex life, and approaching life situations with less fear.

Just as you enjoy the changing seasons, you should also be mindful to notice and appreciate the gradual changes in you that come with ageing. As with the growth and transformation of a beautiful flower, consider ageing as a natural blossoming and unfolding or your energy.  Chinese Taoists understand that nothing in the Universe, including us, will ever stay the same. We cannot keep our life-force of energy in a fixed state. Allowing this transforming and ‘flow’ is a natural process.

Be positively open-minded and open-hearted to any physical, emotional and spiritual changes as you age. This will help you adapt and flow with them much more easily and comfortably. Be kind to yourself and express gratitude for the many varied experiences and life lessons that are offered as you journey through life.

So, let’s not buy into the idea that you have to stop the ageing process, since it can not be stopped anyway, and let’s focus instead on living each moment with Vitality.

Here is my own mother, aged around 87 at the time of this photo.  She is with her husband who was 89 at this time.  She is now 90 and is a living example of living a vital life.  She is fit, healthy, lives independently with her husband, is on no medication and does 6 laps of the local swimming pool 3 times a week.  I hope that she inspires you as she inspires me to live and age gracefully and with vitality and youthfulness.